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Solo Capitals Review

Solo Capitals is an unlicensed Forex and CFD broker based in Estonia, which promises the best tool to make top profits with your money. This firm consists of a group of trading professionals who claims to have time tested strategies which ensures their profitability while keeping a diversified portfolio.

This platform offers returns of up to 40% monthly ROI which is a major red flag which proves that this service is nothing more than a get rich quick scheme.  This fake investment platform is steadily gaining popularity and has scammed many investors till date.

Read our complete SoloCapitals review to know why you should never indulge with this firm in any way.

Solo Capitals is run by T BCorp OÜ. T BCorp OÜ Address: Harju maakond, Tallinn, Kesklinna linnaosa, Roosikrantsi tn 2-567K, 1011. UK telephone number is +44-20-8089-1061. Support:, Compliance:

Solo Capitals Fake Claims

Solo Capitals Review

This firm is supposedly involved in trading forex, stocks and cryptocurrency. The stated ”forget your past bad experiences and trust our professionals to help you recover from a negative profit ratio’‘ The purport that the financial assets can be predicted with certain trading strategies and by maintaining a diverse portfolio while minimizing risk.

This narration is very general and not something which gives you a sense of confidence. In reality we have no clue about what indicators or parameters are considered by them before executing a trade.  Since the names of the so called expert traders are not revealed, we do not know the stats of maximum win rate and drawdowns achieved by them over the years.

There is no demo account or any sort of trial period which means you cannot test their trading system without risking your hard earned money.

It’s quite clear that this isn’t a legitimate Forex broker, which is very much like Titan Pro 500. Another broker in this market that masquerades as a legitimate broker, but is actually some sort of offshore conspiracy.

That being said, we will still review the broker based on the same categories and ratings we do with the best Forex brokers , as that’s how this broker wants to represent their product.

Solo Capitals promises 45% monthly ROI

Solo Capitals promises profits of 45% a month with a small initial investment of just 250 USD. And they claim this to be possible with their recovery profesionals, which “Diversify and secure your investment using the latest developments in the financial technology“.

Trading is one of the most lucrative ways to earn a living but that does not mean that it is very easy.  Unless you know the financial instrument well and have a back tested strategy in place, chances of making a profit is very low.

Often newbie investors look for an easy way to overcome these obstacles by investing in some fancy get rich quick schemes commonly found all over the internet.

Solo Capitals 45% ROI

Here we do not have a proven historical track record of Solo Capitals performance – just a promise that if you follow their recovery expert you will be making 45% ROI a month.

Trading Platform

Solo Capitals claims to use MT4, which is a stable and user-friendly platform, is this true? Sadly, we could not lay our hand on the famous MT4 platform. The platform Solo Capitals is offering could not complete download mainly on mobile and tablet devices. Could this be an indicator of what to expect with their trading experience? Sadly, this platform will leave users vulnerable to attacks, stay clear of it.

Hackers have been taking advantage of unstable platforms by stealing personal data. In most cases, these hackers have been taking credit card details and identity details. Hackers purchase goods and services and pay them using stolen credit cards. These scammers are not only out for your money, but also bank details. Make sure to stay away from anonymous brokers with unstable platforms.

Broker Analysis

Headquarters: Estonia

Minimum deposit: $250

Spread: High about 3pips on EURUSD

Leverage: N/A

Assets: Forex pairs, CFDs on indices, commodities, precious metals, stocks, and cryptocurrencies.

Terms and conditions: Unfavourable

Support MT4: Not available

License: Unlicensed (FrauD)

Solo Capitals comes with 3 accounts as follows; Basic, Bronze, Silver and Gold.


  • $ 250 – $ 1000 minimumdeposit


  • 10 trading and educational sessions with senior analyst
  • access to 100+ assets
  • 3 VIP signals
  • first withdrawal for free



  • unlimited trading and educational sessions with senior analyst
  • access to 200+ assets
  • 5 VIP signals weekly
  • 10 withdrawals for free


  • $ 15000 – $ 25000



Solo Capitals License

The FCA plainly reveals this is a ruthless platform targeting UK citizens. Make sure to stay away from this broker whose identity remains anonymous. This means Solo Capitals is not licensed to conduct any Forex transaction of any kind. Whoever signs up with this platform is bound to lose funds. An unlicensed broker is a dangerous platform to sign up with. Stay away from Solo Capitals platform.

Our best advise for you

No broker can safely secure funds with such high anonymity and fake credentials. Expecting funds to be safe with Solo Capitals is expecting Santa during summer. This is a crude broker whose intention is to steal funds from users. Why has this platform failed to mention how they handle funds sent by users? Where do they bank money deposited by traders? And is it possible users are depositing funds straight to owner’s personal bank account?

This broker has broken some of the set rules such as segregation of accounts. What this means is this broker is pooling funds in one account. In case of bankruptcy or insolvency, this broker will lose all funds. And this is why signing up with this platform is problematic and should be ignored. A broker who does not properly secure funds is most likely a fraud. They want users to deposit funds and later shut down without giving users a notice.

Compare Solo Capitals

Industry recommended skilled Forex brokers will offer a safe haven for all traders. Newbie traders should seek professionals who have a ton of trading experience. Bona fide and trusted Forex brokers will produce desired results and keep investors safe. Stay ahead of the game by partnering with accepted Forex brokers at all times.

IQ Option is a FOrex, binary option and Crypto currency broker that is licensed by CySRC in Europe. Minimum deposit is $10. Try the demo first.

FXTM is the Fasted growing Forex and CFD broker with office around the world. Minimum deposit is $10. Signup now and enjoy a legitimate broker.

Got scammed by  Please let us know your opinion and feedback by commenting below.


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One thought on “Solo Capitals Review

  1. Peter Barrett

    I have been trading for the last four month with the standard rented platform I also have the professional MT4 live platform by TBCorp ou my balance at this time is £128 414.16 but I have also invested with the trader George Adams £60,000, for Bitcoins which we bought at £3500, in may my total cash investment with this company is £106,000. George Adams still rings me to give me an up date. Have I lost the lot ?

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