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Nobel Trade is an unlicensed Forex and CFD broker owned by Nobel Trade Investments LLC, a company based in Luxembourg. Their mailing addres is at 17 Avenue de la Liberté 1930, Luxembourg.  For support, you can contact them by Phone in United Kingdom at +44 2080895730 and E-mail support: Official website at

Nobel Trade Investments LLC is the company behind this platform and claims to be based in the Luxembourg. Scammers will always try to legitimize their products by posting fake details. These fraudsters have become daring and are cloning names of real companies. This is the extent at which broker scam artists are going to steal funds from investors. There’s more to come in this expose!

Who are the founding members of this platform? Is Nobel Trade being run by a professional Forex broker with experience? How can users verify who the owner of this site really is? Why has this broker failed to mention the founding members? If we had the names, it would have been easier to locate and verify ownership details. Stay away from this broker or end up losing your hard earned cash.
Nobel Trade Broker

Nobel Trade Review

Nobel Trade offers as many as five account types on their own web based platform. Nobel Trade did not disclose important details about their trading specifications. There are no such information about the spread and leverages in which an investor will purchase. In addition, when we tested the platform that Nobel Trade is offering, we did not see any category to place it. We could not say it is MT4, MT5 or Syrix platform. The software is perfectly unknown.

The broker needs to significantly increase the information about their trading conditions. This lack of information is prevalent in other recent broker reviews, as seen in TradersHome, and Solo Capitals, but it’s not a positive. We simply expect more from Forex broker companies in 2019.

Trading Platform

According to their homepage, this broker prefers using their own web based platform instead of the popular MT4 platform

Nobel Trade PlatformMost traders will surely prefer the internationally acclaimed MT4, which offers a full spectrum of trading tools and services: a number of built-in technical indicators, advanced charting package, a wide range of Expert Advisors (EAs) and extensive back-testing options. Besides, traders can download ready-made or create their own EAs and let the program do all the work.

Broker Information

Minimum deposit: N/A

MT4 Platform: Not supported

Spread: N/A

Assets: Forex, CFD on indies, commodities, stocks, precious metals and crypto currency.

Withdrawal policy: Not Favorable to traders.

License: Unlicensed

Nobel Trade Account types

Nobel Trade was generous in allowing Forex and CFD trading in numerous of asset types but failed to provide details on trading conditions pertaining those assets. Trading specifications is how the investor will choose whether he will trade with this broker or not.

Nobel Trade License

Forex Broker Expert reviews hundreds of Forex and CFD brokers to see if they are a legitimate brokers or a scam brokers. The one thing we check to see is if the broker is licensed and regulated by FCA, ASIC or FSB. Using a licensed broker means that your funds are usually insured by the government regulator, and they are held in segregated accounts at Tier 1 banks.

Nobel Trade is not a licensed broker. Not only that Nobel Trade is not licensed, but it was in fact blacklisted by Luxembourg’s financial regulator, the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF).

Forex Broker Expert advises our readers to avoid unlicensed brokers, as most of them are 100% fraud!

Our best advise for you

Evidence clearly reveals we are dealing with a Forex scam who must be shut down. Nobel Trade is deliberately enticing users to sign up on a scandalous Crypto platform. Who does this? Only a professional scam outfit planning to steal funds does this horrible service. Make sure to mark all their emails as Spam and never click to any links sent by their email marketing team. Hackers are using these links to gain access to your personal files.

The Nobel Trade believes that by offering up to 5 account types is why they are better than the competition, and should be considered the best Forex broker in the market, but that it is not enough.

Nobel Trade Review Conclusion

In order to completely shut this website, authorities must be involved. All we are left with is adding this broker to our scam blacklist. Make sure to stay away from any broker who shares the same characteristics. This is a proven and dirty way to enrich the pockets of scam artists. Make sure to avoid any calls from their agents and warn our family and friends. Our readers will stay protected against this fraudulent broker.

For a comfortable and safe trading experience, why not sign up with experts in the Forex arena? Get reasonable profit margins and stay protected at all times by professional brokers. This is your chance to shine with Forex trading.


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  1. ch bin bereits seit fünf Monaten mit Nobel Trade im Handel und ich kann sagen, dass dies zunächst ein gutes Unternehmen ist. Ich bin schon einige Zeit im Geschäft, also verstehe ich das Risiko, aber der Broker ist ein guter Typ, den ich sagen könnte. So weit, ist es gut. Tauscht jemand auch mit ihnen?

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