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Minerva Trading Bot is a new automated telegram software that is targeting new and inexperienced investors. Minerva Trading Bot is actually a deceptive and dangerous online Ponzi scheme targeting inexperienced cryptocurrency enthusiasts with ill-founded investment guarantees.

Promising a return of 5%/week on investmenent, Minerva Trading Bot is a poorly fabricated crypto currency investment scheme that is built upon a shaky foundation of lies and deceit.

To find out why you should avoid the Minerva Trading Bot SCAM, we invite you to read our factual Minerva Trading Bot scam review.

To add, when you search what Minerva Trading  Bot implies to be their physical address in Google Maps, you will not find CMC Invest D.O.O.

As a whole, their address is fictitious and not a real physical location.

Physical Address Disclosed: CMC INVEST D.O.O. Ulcinj, Majke Tereze 56


Minerva Trading Bot Review

The general consensus amongst the cryptocurrency and trading community would be that Minerva Trading Bot is nothing more than your typical Ponzi scheme.

Targeting inexperienced and newbie cryptocurrency investors, Minerva Trading Bot promotes unrealistic income guarantees to bait unsuspecting investors out of their hard-earned bitcoins.

Do NOT send any bitcoins to Minerva Trading Bot and avoid their shady operation as a whole.

Minerva Trading Bot Ponzi Scheme

Minerva Trading Bot Scam

Minerva Trading Bot does not share any ownership or verifiable corporate information. They reflect a fabricated address on the footer of their site.

Furthermore, only a submission email is available if you need to touch base with operators behind their site, although it is likely you not receive a reply according to investor feedback. This system does not disclose any information on how they generate revenue for their investors.

Minerva Trading Bot Profits

They are promising a 5% weekly profits, which is 20%/month. However, their are no trading history to validate their profit plan.

Minerva Trading Bot is the epitome of a too-good-to-be-true crypto currency investment scheme.

Their fictitious investment operation is corrupt from the inside out while what little legitimate-appearing characteristics they illusively portray have been all but eradicated throughout this simple investigative review.

Don’t fall for unverifiable and unproven investment schemes, more likely than not you will lose more than your hard-earned money in the long run.

Investment Information

Type: Ponzi Schame


Affiliate referrals: Yes

Minerva Trading Bot Fraud

Minerva Trading Bot is a Ponzi scheme which is an illegal and unsustainable scheme. So, it is a scam.

We can say Minerva Trading Bot is a Ponzi scheme because there is not any verifiable source of income coming into the Minerva Trading Bot other than the money invested by its affiliates/members. Although it claims it is making a profit by investing in Forex and Cryptocurrency trading, it fails to provide the proof to support its claim. On top of that, there is no way any Forex or Cryptocurrency trading experts can guarantee 5% weekly return. Yes, we agree that there is a chance of making 5% return within a week via Forex or Cryptocurrency trading but not always. There is also an equal chance to lose money. So, there is no way any experts can guarantee the fixed rate of return from Forex or Cryptocurrency trading.

Our best advise for you

If some company really can guarantee 5% weekly return, then why even that company has to collect the money from several people by guaranteeing them 5% weekly return? Instead, they can simply invest their own money and make all profit for themselves. If they don’t have money, they can easily take a loan from a bank by paying less than 1% monthly interest rate. If not a business loan, then there is also an option for taking a personal loan. So, there is no need to collect the investment from several people and pay them 5% weekly return than paying 1% monthly interest rate to the bank. Ponzi schemes never pass this logic test and prove themselves to be a Ponzi scheme.

Review Verdict – Minerva Trading Bot is a Ponzi Scheme – Which is a Fraud!

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Minerva Trading Bot Review Conclusion

Aforementioned, it is clear that Minerva Trading Bot is a scam. So, we have blacklisted Minerva Trading Bot. However, if you still don’t believe us, then you can ask the legal authorities in your country to check the business of Minerva Trading Bot, then you can find out the reality by yourself.

Never go after these kinds of easy ways to make money online. However, if you can do some work, then you can find plenty of legitimate options to trade online. We have also listed a few legit trading robots which you can find by clicking >HERE<.

Thanks you for the time taken to read our Minerva Trading Bot review. Make sure to subscribe to our website for more unbiased broker reviews and warnings.


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