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Gold Signals is a new Forex signals vendor for alerts on the currency market. There are so many serious claims made on the Gold Signals website that might interest a passerbay. Gold Signals claims to be backed by advanced technology and qualified experts which are 100% transparent and provides performance reports. With all these claims, you can subscribe to their signals service for just $5/month. Gold Signals is owned and operated by Hasan Almarzooqi, Entrepreneur and CEO of Hasan Almarzooqi Management Consultancy with a solid background in the Trading Industry. He claims to be Dubai, UAE but does not provide a physical address. Email support is at [email protected] This review will shade some light on the signals service, so make sure you read it prior to subscribing.

What is Gold Signals ( Either is a Gold Signals scam or legit?

Unfortunately, Gold Signals is just a scam that cannot make you any profit, it was designed to steal your money.

Meanwhile, alternative to this Gold Signals Scam is BinBotPro. review

Gold Signals Review – Honest Scam Analysis

  • Aforementioned, The Gold Signals is a scam and everything you read on the Gold Signals website is completely fake. They said that Gold Signals provides live and accurate signals to help execute the right trades for you but is a lie.
  • We confirm that Gold Signals is a Scam because the said they are a multinational team of skilled, competent and professional analysts, but failed to introduce us to any of them. It’s easy for a vendor to make claims, and when none of these claims are substantiated, it becomes worrisome. There are multiple places on the Gold Signals website where the vendor discusses transparency, and signal performance reports, but they are nowhere to be found. As it stands, the vendor provides no verified results, which makes the service very difficult to trust.
  • The problem with signal providers these days is that there is allot of misuse, as it is less regulated than becoming a hedge fund. Everyone can become a signal provider like Gold Signals these days.
  • A fraudulent organisation selling signal information will likely set up a website like, which it may list and advertise online as a seemingly legitimate source for forex tips. Alternatively, it may find its customers through a social media platform such as Instagram, and even showcase the lifestyle that a trader can acquire by using the signal service.

Since now it is clear that Gold Signals is a scam, so we have blacklisted websites

Scammers love giving out trade signals. My advice is to be an independent trader. rely on no one but yourself. All you need to do is find yourself the Best Brokers that offer good mentorship or course, then you can move forward from there.

Gold Signals Strategy

During our review of Gold Signals, we saw that they vendor said close to nothing about the trading signals methodology. They did not tell us the background strategies the signals are made of. Does the signals come with important strategies for technical analysis, what are the risk management systems. These are critical points to note when subscribing to a signals vendor.

Gold Signals Performance Report

One common hallmark of a signal selling scam is the creation of conditions in which the trader assumes that a system’s past performance are an indication of its worth. Scam artists in this field use this to prey on vulnerable traders and produce performance statistics that show the supposed ongoing successes of a system. However, there’s no guarantee that these reports will remain in force for the long term — if there’s no disclaimer to this effect published on the organisation’s page, there’s a good chance that this is a red flag and that the provider ought not to be trusted.

Our best advise

As a trader, the best thing to do when it comes to preventing signal selling scams is to ensure that you approach it with the right attitude.

Things to remember:

Study the forex signal provider and make sure to check their day to day activities
Check for counterpart websites and see which one is bogus
Check if they have a demo account
Check and study their affiliate broker
Do not give out any money not until you are 100% sure.

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  • Cheap
  • Many features
  • Standard trading website


  • No verified result
  • No strategy insight
  • No Trading disclaimer

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