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Gaming Stock Profit is a new automated trading software that promises to buy and sell video game stocks for you. They advertise returns of up to $5000/day. Anyone with some experience with the markets will definitely find the profit targets of Gaming Stock Profit to be ridiculous.

Mark Knight presented this software. The owners of this robot seems to be a clever scammer and the details about them is untraceable. We all know that making money fast is fascinating. However, before those crooks deceive you, go through our review to find the real motives of this platform.

Gaming Stock Profit Review

Gaming Stock Profit Review

The official website of the Gaming Stock Profit announces that “THIS is the #1 way to make money online in 2019”. This statement is far fetched and one can only wonder whether there are some factual data to support this assertion. On their site, they state the following to make new traders believe that there is huge potential in the stock exchange market.

In short, gambling seems to have better odds, than investing with this programme. Trading any markets requires certain skill set and approach. If you plan to venture into trading before figuring the prerequisites, then you will get hurt financially.

Gaming Stock Profit Scam

The profit potentials on the Gaming Stock Profit website suggest that the owner of the site is intending to mislead new traders.

First of all, their performance report is not audited by third party. Moreover, there is no verifiable trading history shown on their platform. We are not told about their trading methodology and there is no clue about the parameters they consider before opening a position.

Making profits on a daily basis is the aim of every trader. Before you start daydreaming about the potential rewards, you should always consider the risks as well.

Fake Testimonials

Another disturbing detail we found with this trading system is the use of fake testimonials. This broker has taken advantage of this and produced fake testimonials to try and sell their services. Aris Levante is one photo that was stolen from internet webpage. Aris Levante photo is a photo of a victim from the Virginia Tech shooting from 2007. Scammers are clearly lying to us.

Gaming Stock Profit Scam Testimonials

Other testimonials in this homepage include Mariana Lewis and Christine Marie. Why have we watered down these testimonials?  Why can’t we get a hold of these people? Looking at social media platforms, there’s no mention of these people. It’s clear that Gaming Stock Profit is creating fake profiles to promote their scam platform. Stay clear of this app.

Gaming Stock Profit Brokers

What we know is that this trading software has used unlicensed brokers for trading. When we signedup for this software, and was about to deposit the required $250, the recommended United Markets Capital as our broker. It should be noted that this is a shady broker and should not in any way be trusted with your money if you don’t want to get hurt. Looking at the records, it’s clear that this broker has not been regulated by any financial institution. Gaming Stock Profit is a huge scam.

A trusted software will post list of brokers that the work with for everyone to see whether the are among the list of Best Forex brokers. Why should robots vendor post their brokers? This helps to prove legitimacy and also shows transparency by the trading software. Investors should never sign up with a scam robot; Gaming Stock Profit is one of them.

Review Verdict – Gaming Stock Profit is a Scam!

Best Trading Robots

Gaming Stock Profit Review Conclusion

After gathering all the necessary evidence, we have to add this system to our scam blacklist. Doing these will hopefully prompt relevant authorities to look into this software and shut their whole operation. Stay clear of this app who promises heaven only to deliver hell.

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  1. Hi, I just got scammed by United Markets Capital, I invested $1000 aud & within n a few days I was shown a profit in my trading account, I was asked for a further $5000 aud & was shown another profit & then within a few days I was asked for $ 10000 aud with the reason being to be able to trade with making a decent profit I needed to invest more money . I declined & the account manager became very aggressive towards me & said I should borrow the funds from my bank & they could help me with this process , I declined.
    I submitted a withdrawal request & within a short period my account balance disappeared, & the company won’t respond to my emails .Beware of this company

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