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Forex Pip Shooter EA Review

Forex Pip Shooter as its name suggest is an EA for Forex trading that claims to be the perfect solution to all your trading work. Forex Pip Shooter provided some trading specifications, but has not made clear who are behind the trading system. Yet, our main concern with Forex Pip Shooter is that we could not see any reason why we should recommend their services. With a one time fee of $299, Forex Pip Shooter provides automated trading on a wide range of forex pairs including Major and Minor forex pairs. However, they advised clients to use the auto trader on EURUSD pair exclusively

Note that, The owner encourages traders to use the EA with a Forex Broker called Klimex Capital Markets. They claim that this is based on better trading conditions.

The only advantage we can see with Forex Pip Shooter is that the automated trading system that they are offering traders work with a variety of Assets. You must be aware of the fact that this EA does not have a verified performance result and for that reason, it can be risky placing a trade with this expert advisor. In addition to this, we want to mention the fact that Forex Pip Shooter does not provide clarity on the developer details and there is also a leaked result showing bad trades with this robot.

Having said this, it is obvious that this robot is not operating in the best interest of their target traders. For that reason, you should click this page and sign up with a professional, well verified robots.

Forex Pip Shooter Review

Despite researching the trading experts that owns and operates Forex Pip Shooter EA, we could not find their name on Forex Pip Shooter website. In fact, the website is only providing a contact form but no information about the traders that own or operate it. This basically means that the developer is anonymous or at least this Forex robot is anonymous.

We don’t like the idea of trading with an anonymous expert advisor. Most of the time their reputation is not good. They do not actually do justice to their clients accounts. What is more, we discovered that this expert advisor has performed poorly on an account with their recommended brokerage. This account is showing a loss of nearly 20%, with a 27% draw down. As we have already said, trading with an un-verified expert advisor is a risky thing. What more an expert advisor with proof of poor performance. We highly discourage people from doing it.

Instead of providing the regular myfxbook and FXBlue result statement, this forex robot has decided to integrate a profit calculator on their site. This tool is accessed on their website and its information should not be taken serious. What is more, it looks like something that was designed for purposes of calculating lot size based on your deposit, and not reasonably for result. On the other hand, both Myfxbook anfd FXBlue feature advanced features for analyzing an expert advisor. If you know how to analyse an EA, you can’t go wrong with these statement sharing sites whatsoever. But even if you know nothing about EA trading, these platforms are built with user friendly features which can help you analyse and get a picture of the robot result nonetheless.

Forex Pip Shooter Review 2

Required Time Frame not Specified, No demo facility

The Forex Pip Shooter works on any time frame but the developers failed to offer free testing service to see how it goes. Lack of essential information such as the best time frame in an EA website is always a worrisome sign. Most con-artists would not share such data, because they are probably afraid that some inconsistencies and irregularities might show up and expose the whole set-up.

50 trades in a day

Forex Pip Shooter promises to place 50 trades in day. This is an advantage considering the fact that you don’t need to be on screen when those trades are placed. However, if those trade are not profit, this fact wont help you. In addition, because this EA doesn’t seem to be reliable, you cannot bank on them to place a reliable trade

Things you should remember before risking your money

First of all, you should not take the risk of placing a trade with an anonymous expert advisor. It is not the safest thing that a professional trader can do. If there is a trading result showing poor performance with this EA, simply keep off. Respect what the community are saying no matter how attractive the profit calculator may come out.

Nonetheless, we do not think that this expert advisor has some advantages for its traders apart from the wide range of assets which they are trying to use in order to lure victims into their trap. Also do not forget the fact that this auto trading software is operating without a verified account statement. If Forex Pip Shooter was professional enough, they would have made this information available to all traders. There would be no need to conceal this critical information. We suspect that this developer is operating on its own accord and does not work with an overseeing company.

By the way, even professional reviews out there claim that this system is out of recommendation. We also can’t think of any reason to justify a robot who operates without a result and claims to provide advanced technical analysis.

Review Verdict – Forex Pip Shooter is not recommended

Let’s look at the best automated robots actually making money right now.

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Forex Pip Shooter Review Conclusion

Even if we wanted to recommend this service, it would be impossible to do so. Forex Pip Shooter is a no no. If you want to start a career in trading, get started with these trading robots. 

Have you lost money to Forex Pip Shooter? Let us know in the comments section below.

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