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Fibo Quantum Scalper is yet another obsolete Forex indicator by Karl Dittman and Rita Laska, which they claim is the most efficient in the whole marketplace right now to download. There are no much information about Fibo Quantum Scalper trading strategy and there is no tangible proof to support all their claims.

Moreover, they do not have appropriate trading result. They advertise  $20-300 which is obviously ridiculous. If their number was truly achievable, then everyone can become a millionaire within a short time through compounding. They owners also claim that the indicator comes with a multiple trading strategy for high profitable signals.

However, those scenarios are nothing more than a fantasy. Read our detailed review to know the way this filthy indicator scam works.

The owners of this forex indicator do not disclose their location, and to further enhance their anonymity factor they only communicate with the clients via contact form on their website.

Fibo-Quantum-Scalper Free Download

Fibo Quantum Scalper Review

Fibo Quantun Scalper is a Forex trading indicator which supposedly helps the investors earn easy money. Fibo Quantum Scalper claims to be working from different angles with regard to Forex. They talk about non-repaint signals and Fibonacci technology. However, the explanation they have come up with is not convincing enough.

First of all, the information about the actual trading strategy is vague. We are not told the quantitative strategies they are currently focusing on. There is no clear cut presentation of the potential profit and drawdown associated.

Fibo Quantum Scalper Scam

Vendors like this one needs a lot of traffic in order to make a considerable revenue and they want to become popular quickly. After all, they know that, they won’t be around for long.

So, to grow their clients list, they use affiliate marketing. In other words, they pay the marketers commission whenever they bring an investor on board.

Usually, these type of scams works with shady affiliate networks which are known to use unethical ways of marketing to make a quick buck. So, if you see any favorable review about this firm, then do not entertain them further because it is just not worth the risk.

Broker Information

  • Type: Forex Indicator
  • Price: $147
  • Strategy: Scalping
  • Timeframe: M1, M5
  • Pairs: All Pairs

Fibo Quantum Scalper Features

  • Real Live Account
  • Smart Fibonacci Levels
  • 24/7 Email Support
  • Detailed Step-by-Step User Guide
  • Reliable Signals. 100% NO Repaint
  • Full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Regular Price $395, Limited Price $147

Forex Investors and Traders using the Fibo Quantum Scalper can plug it on their MetaTrader4 PC, MT4 MAC, Tablet or Mobile App. The exact strategy the indicator uses is not stated. You are provided with a buy/sell signal plus a stoploss level. The signals work on M1 and M5 time frame but their is no Take Profit amount.

Three trading modes are available, and each one has their own benefits. The onetime price for the Fibo Quantum Scalper is $395 but you can get an exclusive offer at a price of $147.

Fibo Quantum Scalper Result

A software like Fibo Quantum Scalper does not have a verified result, and that calls for alarm.

The first thing that every investor in forex and CFD must know is that there are 2 popular places where you need to verify the trading result of a given software, Myfxbook and FXBlue. If you need a reliable trading software, then look at the best auto trading software, and you will see which robot have the best reputation.

Fibo Quantum Scalper Indicator result

DaxRobot is a popular Forex robot, that is integrated with many licensed brokers see here.

Look at nice and easy to use trading platform. Get a Free Demo Accountsignup here.

Our best advise for you

There are some rumors going round that the name Karl Dittman is like a pen name and that nobody knows his real name.

Where exactly did we get this news from? Well, he has already admitted it on the website’s disclaimer page. Besides this, he has stated very clearly that all trading results and past performance are not real and that Fibo Quantum website will never be responsible for any loss arising from the use of this product.

Do you still want to pay $147 to get it? We bet that it will take a lot of courage to actually fork out that amount of money in return for a raw deal. Look, Karl just admitted that his real name is not Karl Dittman but something else which he has never dared to mention in any of his landing pages.

Basically, you can neither trust this man nor his Forex indicator.

Fibo Quantum Scalper Review Conclusion

You have to decide what you want for yourself. Do you want gamble your trading account using a false indicator that picks wrong trading signals without giving it a second thought? Do you want to trust someone who has made it clear that trading results which they are displaying on the landing page are fake? You want none of these things, right? That means you shouldn’t be spending any money on Fibo Quantum Scalper. See the best forex robots


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