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DaxRobot is currently the most popular CFD and Forex automated trading robot, that was designed by European software developers in 2018. Unfortunately most of the automated trading software developed in 2018 appear to be scams you should be aware of and stay away from. DaxRobot, which we cover today appears to be one of the exceptions.

We have all the reasons to believe that this is the best trading software that were created recently. In particular  from the ones which are related to Forex, CFDs on Stocks as well as crypto currencies.

What DaxRobot is and isn’t

  • They do not guarantee profits
  • They do not provide gambling or games
  • They operate a transparent business
  • All performance is published live
  • They work with a trusted broker

Official website:

DaxRobot Review

These points above give us an easy clear understanding of what level this company is on. It is not a joker-broker or auto-bot signal generator. They do not make silly promises or try to deceive you into thinking you will get rich quick.

So the question that many investors are asking of course right off the bat is whether this platform is the real deal?

Can they be relied upon? Is it safe to use? Does it work? To answer these questions and more, we will start this review by looking at what DaxRobot really is, who the people behind it are, what they are doing (their current and future plans along with their current roadmap of releases to come) as well as their available products today.

If what they are offering is good for investors, then this company will deserve a 5 star rating because clearly this platform seems to have much to offer from first glance alone. Even the online chat support team for DaxRobot and the people who run the basic support desk also appear to have a wealth of knowledge concerning digital currencies, a great sign. Let the DaxRobot review begin!


DaxRobot software

Is DaxRobot a Scam?

From what we can see just on the intro part of their homepage, you are immediately shown they mean serious business, and that they aim to work for you over the long term. This attitude and proven ability to generate returns is why we have decided to review them and their services today.

DaxRobot is a semi automated trading system. The platform consistently generates high quality trading signals. Then it allows you to apply them easily with the push of a button. The best thing about DaxRobot is that it’s good for all type of users. Even though the system utilizes sophisticated trading methods and professional platform, it was designed to be friendly for beginner traders as well. So even if you don’t have any experience you can still enjoy the benefits by following simple instructions.

How DaxRobot Works

FX and Crypto currencies are constantly growing in popularity. With this rise in popularity certain innovative companies (think are creating solutions involving the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning. These new AI driven strategies are attractive enough to woo investors who dream of putting their money in the Forex and Crypto currencies market and a strategy that works long term.

DaxRobot is one such company that has invested heavily in AI, and providing trading portfolio systems for Crypto, FX and CFD. They believe that their business will help investors from a retail to institutional level and of all kinds of risk profiles to grow their returns substantially.

It should also be noted that DaxRobot, as a expert company is focused on providing investors with scalable solutions for both fixed and compound strategies, while also systematically filtering through the spectrum of available assets with various investment potential.

The main idea behind this approach is that DaxRobot wants to make it easier for investors of all experience levels to pick automated trading portfolios with confidence.

Transparency, performance, contact: DaxRobot explained

One of the key driving forces to why you should check out DaxRobot today is because the site owners are completely transparent. There is nothing hidden right down to a server level.

The team behind this software are European software developers and professional trading experts. They provided a demo trading facility in which you can test out the performance yourself, definitely not a popular facility for us to see here! Connecting or establishing contact with any of their professional team is as easy as clicking on the DaxRobot website, or sending a new chat or email.

Their support team seems to work around the clock as answers to our questions were instant and always prompt; it felt nice to receive such a wide range of care even without being an official client of the business.

Another important fact here is they seem to be integrated providers of AI based auto trading portfolios that any investor from the around the world can connect to. It was nice see a lack of any restrictions for potential new clients.

Another amazing part of their portfolio team is that they ENCOURAGE you to test it out and getting to know the software well as possible risk free. So if you like to know how automated trading works and how profitable AI technology can be, then this software is the one to use.

DaxRobot Demo

This is probably the most important feature of the DaxRobot trading software, as it allows you to test it without risking even a penny. In the worse case you wont like it and decide not to use it anymore. You haven’t lost anything but a little time. On the better case however, you’ll realize that this piece of software can generate huge profits. It does so by using top quality signals which you could use to earn real money from the comfort of your home. Opening up a demo takes a minute and you can do it from this page at

Investment Information

Type: Automated trading Software

Price: Free

Asset: Forex and CFD


The Daxrobot auto bot is a free software, but in order to assess all their services, you need to deposit with their broker.

DaxRobot Broker

When you want to work with DaxRobot you need to check to see which broker you can use to connect. In order to ensure that their service has the highest level of accuracy and minimal slippage on execution, the DaxRobot team has partnered with the industry’s recommended broker.

When connecting to their Forex portfolio management DaxRobot will only work with the most versatile Prime Broker in the world – We don’t need to tell you how refreshing it is to see a trusred broker in the world as a chosen partner to connect to, this really shows us how big and powerful the solutions from DaxRobot are.

Safety should be a priority for all traders when dealing with any investment opportunity. Having a good forex broker will increase your chances of success in Forex trading. Adept and Capable Forex wizards will guarantee you safety when trading experience. Use recommended and trusted Forex brokers to ensure you make realistic profit margins. Competent and Excellent Forex brokers are here to ensure investors make profit with Forex trading.

DaxRobot Platform

Performance Results

The software developers have no ability to publish actual results of the software, because there are too many variables.

If one person sets the software to only trade with one strategy, on the Euro against the US Dollar, then their results will be different from a person who chose all the strategies.

DaxRobot Settings



Pricing and how to get started

If you own as low as $250 and would like to invest and earn profit, this is what you need to do. First thing is to deposit in one of the brokers of DaxRobot. To do this, you must be logged into your account, click deposit button, you will be redirected to a trusted broker where you will select your preferred method of deposit.

The broker is where your deposit is going, so make sure you are using a licensed broker. Once you have your account loaded with cash you will need to go to the robot trading platform and start trading.

You can easily do that by placing instant auto trade which will automatically trade Forex with the highest payout offered on the market. You can also configure the robot, where you will need to set the parameters at which you are willing to trade. Once you successfully place trades you can now withdraw your funds in USD.

Our best advise for you

Yes, DaxRobot is a real profitable company you can trust and are never a scam! It is the safest and most proven way to test AI based trading for your own accounts and trading. The company is transparent, trusted, offer proven products and a wide range of access to their profitable systems and strategies. If you are ready to potentially better your financial future and give some proven AI a test, then this is the best opportunity to try that. We truly believe it will go well and look forward to some happy comments as we all set up and connect to DaxRobot for the first time.

Using DaxRobot is EASY

  • Create an account.
  • Go to deposit page, choose a broker and deposit .
  • Once you have deposited, go to robot platform and click auto trade.

Once you have successfully place trade you can withdraw your funds in USD.

DaxRobot Review Conclusion

If you were to research the most successful people in the world, you would find that a large percentage had that success come through wise investing. The DaxRobot System is a very effective trading software you can rely on to give you the profits you want from the financial markets. The website is professional, plus their terms of service are real as opposed to spun ToS pages we see in scam trading sites. We have definitely given it a go-ahead. So if you want a system that works, choose DaxRobot App. Share your views below.


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