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Brexit Trader is a new automated trading software, allegedly an award winning app, will help you profit off Brexit. Brexit is Soaring Bitcoin’s Value! Thus you must start with $250 asap and skyrocket your profit potential. The presentation of Brexit Trader says that bitcoin will rise in value thanks to Brexit, so all you have to do is to buy it and get rich. Anyone who has experience in the online space will already know that these claims are false once the see the Brexit Trader website.

Unfortunately, many beginners will definitely believe in these fake narratives and waste a lot of time on it. Earning money was never easy unless you have a skill set that you can leverage.

In our review today, we will sort through all of the information provided, and conclude whether or not this is a viable opportunity, or one that is still in the process of getting there.

Brexit Trader Review

Brexit Trader Review

First of all, thanks for taking time to read our Brexit Trader review you will understand that this investment program is a total scam.

Brexit Count down timer

You will see a timer on their website but it is a trap. The timer is their to make you feel nervous that you are loosing a chance.

Brexit Trader is offering a result potential of up to 99.4%. The first thing that we wanted to find out is the exact names of the operators, their location, their experience and other things pertaining to their expertise in what they claim to do.

However, reality dictates otherwise. 99.4% win rate is no joke and it is not the kind of target most people in this market have. Ask yourself, do you really think you can make tens of thousands of dollars per month just by using a basic app without in depth knowledge?

Never believe in any program which claims to earn you a fortune just by clicking a few buttons. After all, there is no such thing as a free lunch.

Several Claims on Brexit Trader

It is exactly in times of crisis that most money is made. This is best illustrated by George Soros’s $1-billion dollar payout speculating against the pound in the 90s, or by billion-dollar hedge-funds making a killing during the 2008 financial crisis. Brexit is making a lot of investors nervous, and they are flocking to what they see is the safest place to invest their money: Bitcoin. Now imagine if you already owned Bitcoin…

You may have seen lucky investors who made money from bitcoin boom and now talking about their fortune on TV stations. Brexit Trader want you to be one of them but in this case, they want you to profit from Brexit crisis.

Brexit Trader Testimonials

When we want to compare testimonials to see whether they are true, we look for the real photo of the individual.

First of all, On the website of the program you will find several Brexit Trader testimonials that are there to persuade you that it really is profitable to use this software.

Brexit Trader testimonials

Brexit Trader testimonial by Sean S.Dovercourt, Essex who claimed to be making $2500 daily is not real!.

Brexit Trader Stolen photos

Scammers have stolen photos from all over the internet and made up stories of successful users, but they don’t exist. This is very typical for investment scams.

No trading history

Here we do not have a proven historical track record of Brexit Trader performance – just a promise that if you follow Brexit Trader signals for daily you will see 99.4% accuracy.

Brexit Trader Brokers

When you signup with this software, the owners will oblige you to deposit money at a broker before you start receiving signals.

With their anonymity status, it’s clear that Brexit Trader is far from working with reputable trading brokers. And why have they failed to list their associated brokers details on their homepage? This scammer knows for sure that they can’t meet the standards required by good Forex brokers. And that’s why they are refusing to post any broker details. Apart from that, this software maybe violating some terms that consider them untrustworthy by high profile Forex brokers.

In terms of brokers, this software doesn’t seem to provide you a choice of registered brokers. We’ve certainly seen this in reviews of Bitcoin Revival and Crypto Investor App, but it’s dangerous not to provide a licensed broker.

Never you deposit money to an offshore broker. Offshore brokers have the tendency to run away with people’s funds. That’s why this scammer fails to list their associated brokers.

Best Forex Brokers

DaxRobot is an automated trading software for crypto currency and Forex which doesn’t handle the trades after they are placed. All trades have stop loss and take profit. You can try to let the trades run until they hit SL or TP, but I usually close the trades before that happens. See how it works on a free demo.

Our best advise for you

So how does Brexit Trader work? After signing up there will be a surprise, you won’t be allowed to use the software until you deposit at least $250 with a broker they have chosen for you. The broker will be unregulated and this is how they steal your money.

If you deposit, not only you won’t see any withdraw-able profits, but you will also lose your deposits. And with unregulated companies it is always extremely difficult to get any money back.

Brexit Trader Review Conclusion

Brexit Trader is an ugly scam that is well-documented, people have lost a lot of money with it! Stay away from it. If you are interested in trying Crypto currencies, start using these products.  Then you will see how it works and if you will be able to build a profitable strategy. In case you decide to invest real money, be sure to understand the risk because we have seen these kinds of scams many times and our advice will always help the trading community.


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