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Bitcoin Revival is a new automated trading software for bitcoin which wants you to signup because there are some testimonials on their website. The unknown persons who created this software wished you can subscribe so that you can discover how to make huge profits from bitcoin. While doing this it allegedly will generate profits up to $890 per day. This means more than $20,000 per month.

Their platform is bright and well decorated with stock pictures, which can entice unsuspecting victims. Unfortunately, everything you see on their website is not what it seems to be.

During our investigation, we found an endless amount of flaws and criminal activity regarding this firm. Make sure to read our review till the end to know exactly why you should stay away from these con artists.

Moreover, this trading solution operates in an odd manner. The did not provide any mode of communication to them. Think for a moment, if they were really legit, wouldn’t they offer basic telephone assistance just like the major institutions?

Bitcoin Revival Review

Bitcoin Revival Review

The general consensus amongst the cryptocurrency and trading community would be that Bitcoin Revival software is nothing more than your typical automated trading scam.

Targeting inexperienced and newbie cryptocurrency investors, Bitcoin Revival promotes unrealistic income guarantees to bait unsuspecting investors out of their hard-earned bitcoins.

Do NOT send any bitcoins to Bitcoin Revival and avoid their shady operation as a whole.

Several Bitcoin Revival Claims

In the last few weeks, we have seen Bitcoin skyrocket, making a fortune for tens of thousands of Bitcoin earners who are investing right now. Forex and cryptocurrency market enables thousands of traders to earn a living on a daily basis. However, just like any other job, it involves mastering discipline and skills.Bitcoin Revival Claims

Bitcoin Revival claims is your chance to join 19,381 Bitcoin earners who are making consistent profits from Bitcoin’s unbelievable. On the contrary, you will see a disclaimer, which will tell you that Trading in FX and CFDs involves a high risk of loss due to the leveraged nature of the trading which might lead to the total loss of your capital and which might not be appropriate for all types of investors.

Investment Information

Type: Automated trading software

Minimum deposit: $250

Strategy: Nill

Broker: Unlicensed

Bitcoin Revival Testimonials

When we want to compare testimonials to see whether they are true, we look for the real photo of the individual.

Fake Bitcoin Revival Reviews

Bitcoin Revival testimony from Amanda Ensing Pennsylvania, US with profits of 19,366 is not from a real individual. Scammers fabricated with stock photo as you see below.

Stock photo

Trading Result

At the Forex Broker Expert, you will find hundreds of reviews of Forex and crypto robots, where we check to see if they are verified investment product, or simply a scam. The way investors know a crypto automated trading robot result is real is by looking for the broker account, which you can always prove, check and verify.

Bitcoin Revival Trading Result

They show big profits only, which already is very suspicious. For this reason, we do hope the creators tell us the broker account where the trades are made, as they are much more reliable.

Bitcoin Revival Brokers

Depositing money and trading with this software is made possible by different available brokers. A fake trading system wouldn’t dream of working with a legal broker for their services. Scam trading software never pass the standards required to work with authorized brokers. On their homepage, they claim that they are profitable investment platform. The owners of Bitcoin Revival has never posted a list of their associated brokers. Make sure not to trust what these scammers say as this is a random signals generator. Legitimate online brokers do not work with companies with this algorithm.

It’s clear that we are dealing with a rogue company who will do or say anything to sign users. A real trading software posts the list of their associated brokers to purely show transparency in their services. This also helps users to properly verify that they are depositing with a properly registered entity. Ensure you stay away from signal software who fail to show you their affiliated broker. The Bitcoin Revival should certainly expand their sales page to provide more details about their associated brokers, as the best Forex robots in this market all provide valuable insight on their brokers. In other markets, brokers isn’t as important as it is in Forex, where clients want to know just exactly where their money is going.

Daxrobot works with a Forex and CFD broker that so far we see is paying. In order to see how their strategy works, try out a free demo for free at

Our best advise for you

Bitcoin Revival is a bogus trading app because the way it works suggests that it is a generic app that connects with a broker’s platform to start trading. The cost of using this app is $250. The broker in question is not regulated and they are definitely operating illegally. With this kind of setup, one thing is likely to happen. You will deposit money in order to start using the app since they generally don’t allow traders to use these generic apps if they have not funded their broker’s accounts. The app will start to close losing trades until your balance is zero.

Bitcoin Revival Review Conclusion

Bitcoin Revival is obviously a money losing app. If you want to make money, you should use apps that have been proven to work and not apps that are promoted with hype.


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